Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn: A Four-Handed Chess Game


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Chris Zalewski

Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota, USA, 1994. First Edition (stated). Paperback. 335 pages plus adverts. Moderate shelf-wear, Very Good.

“A Multi-Dimensional Game of Divination and Strategy.

Chess enthusiasts! Here is a fascinating, strategically challenging four-handed chess game played with chess pieces symbolizing ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, and a chessboard derived from the Enochian tablets of the Renaissance magician John Dee. Even if you have no interest in the esoteric aspects of this game, you can spend many enjoyable hours on game settings, piece movements and rules as you attempt to paralyze your opponents’ play by capturing their Kings!

Golden Dawn enthusiasts! Here is a dramatic breakthrough on the Enochian Chess game partially described by Israel Regardie in his 1937 four-volume text, The Golden Dawn: an Encyclopedia of Practical Occultism. Not only has the original system of play been greatly expanded upon and enriched, but this definitive study provides in-depth instruction for using the game as a divinatory tool – a tool offering insights into both external and internal influences through the complex movements of the archetypes represented by the chess pieces. This book also explains the use of the Enochian Chess in an Adept’s training of the 5=6 grade.

All readers will be guided step-by-step through the construction of their own pieces and boards (incorporating occult symbols and colors if desired), strategies for opening, middle and endgame play, comprehensive game rules, and many game-play examples.

Written by Chris Zalewski, the world’s leading authority on Enochian Chess, this intriguing book will enrich the library of any occultist or chess lover!”

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