Noel Tyl’s Creative Management of Astrology’s Basics Dvd1: Essentials Brought Down to Earth



In this new series of DVDs, the acknowledged master of astrology, Noel Tyl, crystalizes all of his explorations and investigation into an all-new set of revelations. It’s like getting a personal lesson on in-depth astrology training from the dean of American astrologers!

In this first volume of the nine-volume set, Tyl not only covers the basics of astrology, he presents the ideas in a decidedly humanistic manner. He reverses the usual pattern of requiring you to mechanically memorize lists of qualities and then relate a person to a horoscope. Instead, he shows how to use the basics of astrology to relate the horoscope to the individual. The focus is on the person, not mathematical calculations. This way, the specifics of the chart come together, allowing you to give a profile of life development.

You’ll see Tyl demonstrate how to quickly assess a chart. This involves an emphasis on a chart’s hemispheres and retrogrades. Yes, it includes basic information on rulerships as you would expect, but it also includes what you need to know about both standard and more obscure aspects.

For the first time on DVD you’ll discover how to go beyond simple interpretations. This DVD will aid you in reaching a level where you can help people with astrology rather than simply read a chart. You’ll spend many hours viewing and re-viewing this information-packed DVD!

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