Noel Tyl’s the Time Dimension: Solar Arcs and Transits Dvd4: Questions to Illumunate Events. Moves, Family Developments, Job Changes, Schooling, Marri



Astrology, being about time, is often used to provide information on when to perform certain tasks. As a result, astrologers are often asked for the best times to do such things as move to a new home, change jobs, start schooling, get married, etc.

In this fourth volume of Noel Tyl’s Masterwork Series of DVDs, you’ll learn how to determine the best times for such actions based on the techniques of Solar Arcs and Transits.

As with all of the DVDs in this series, Tyl goes far beyond mere mechanical explanations of a chart. You’ll discover how to understand the causes of events, helping clients discover why they are pulled to do one thing or another. The focus is on the individual with the chart giving assistance in making the right timing choices. This DVD is a must for any astrologer who wants to give practical advice.

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