Noel Tyl’s Guide for Consultation Dvd5: Twenty-Three Therapy Themes



Astrology isn’t just a science, it’s a human science. The purpose for astrology isn’t to simply collect numbers and determine their meanings, it’s to use that information to give guidance in life. You can learn the science of chart interpretation through books, DVDs, and practice. Learning how to give a consultation with a client, however, is a skill that can turn a so-so astrologer into a great astrologer. This skill is what you’ll learn on Guides for Consultation, the fifth volume of Noel Tyl’s Masterwork Series of DVDs.

The key to giving a good astrological consultation goes beyond knowing what a chart means. Rather, as Tyl says, it’s about “understanding and appreciating and applauding and supporting the human being.” This DVD shows you exactly how to do that, bringing the focus of your consultation back to the individual rather than the chart.

One of the important aspects of astrological consultation is developing ways to inform clients of important information without having the client reject what you’re telling him or her due to fears or being overwhelmed. That is one of the skills you’ll learn in this private lesson from the master of astrology. When you master this skill you’ll be able to give readings that clients will describe as having inestimable value. You’ll help them learn to change their minds when necessary and at the appropriate time.

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