Kuan Yin Oracle: Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine


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Known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Kuan Yin is revered by Buddhists throughout East Asia. Inspired by her divine wisdom, this beautifully illustrated oracle is designed to guide us toward a loving and enlightened life. The cards contain messages and practical exercises to nourish you on your spiritual path. Open your heart to Kuan Yin’s teachings, and learn to love, trust, and live your highest destiny.

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The beautiful spirit of Kuan Yin is captured in brilliant art and illuminated in the spiritually rich text of this oracle deck. Tap into the loving strength of Kuan Yin through imagery, words, and mantras and watch your life change. The comfort and advice found in these cards reflects the compassion and spiritual certitude that is associated with this beloved goddess.

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The beautiful spirit of Kuan Yin is inspiration enough for an oracle deck. When artist Zeng Hao brings the many aspects of Kuan Yin to life with his alchemical fusion of east and west, the resulting cards are sublime. If you get nothing more from this oracle than the enjoyment of the art, it is worth the price of admission. His fusion of western oil painting techniques, ideals of both eastern and western beauty, and the spirit of the Goddess is very compelling and magical. These 44 cards are luscious gateways to other worlds.

These may not be the most intuitive cards, particularly since they do not always follow the traditional symbols (for example, the wine or peaches usually associated with Ma Gu are absent and instead she carries a basket of flowers). However, just as the art is non-traditional yet still fresh and new, these new visions or interpretations of Kuan Yin have a lot to offer. For example, the card Drink from the Emerald Fountain does not really relate to any traditional concept…I haven’t found that Kuan Yin had an emerald fountain, but she is the fountain of mercy and emerald green is the color of the heart chakra. This card invites you to drink from her heart, which is a beautiful thought.

This is definitely an oracle set that benefits from a careful reading of the text. Although the cards are not intuitive, the text does illuminate the image.

The text provides information on mantras, an important part of Buddhism. Deck creator Alana explains how whenever anyone says a mantra they add to the power generated by that mantra, and they also access and benefit from that power. So you both give and receive at the same time. The power is strengthened and never depleted. These cards help you tap into that energy.

The text includes three spreads. Each card has its own interpretation, healing work, and prayer. There are no key words, and if you want to use this as a divinationdeck in addition to an inspirational oracle, consider writing your own key words in the text. For example, after reading the in-depth interpretations, I would use the following: Bamboo Moon: Perfection of universal timing
Blessings of the Moon Maiden: Abundance
Blossoms of the Sky Dancer: Creativity

Bamboo Moon: Perfection of universal timing
Blessings of the Moon Maiden: Abundance
Blossoms of the Sky Dancer: Creativity

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