The Grimoire of Lady Sheba


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Discover the Spells, Rituals, and Recipes of the Craft

The personal magickal practices of one of the modern world’s most influential Witches

The ground-breaking writings of Lady Sheba helped bring Witchcraft to the modern world. This book contains transcriptions of Lady Sheba’s personal grimoire and book of shadows-original, hand-written documents that she used in her practice as a leading figure in Witchcraft. In these pages, you will find basic concepts, explanations of tools, and descriptions of special words and symbols in addition to hands-on instructions for the Craft’s most important spells, chants, and rituals.

The Power: Description of the rules and requirements for correct, effective use of Witchcraft

The Tools: How to make, consecrate, and use magickal instruments

The Language: Includes diagrams of the lost Theban script and Runic alphabet

The Rituals: Complete instructions for performing rituals for every purpose

The Recipes: The famous secret herbal lore of the Craft, including ointments, teas, incense, perfumes, and oils

The Dances: Traditional square dances as well as magickal “Witches’ rounds”

The Book of Shadows: The Holy Book of Witchcraft

The Eightfold Path: Describes the steps to magickal attainment

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