The Real Witches’ Craft: The Definitive Handbook of Advanced Magical Techniques


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The Modern Witch’s Advanced Guide to Powerful Magic-Making

Following on from The Real Witches’ Handbook , the bestselling introduction to Wicca, Kate West takes you on the next part of the Real Witch’s journey.

For the modern witch, there is more to Witchcraft and the practice of magic than simply having the right ingredients. In The Real Witches’ Craft , Kate West reveals the skills and techniques of advanced Witchcraft (including when and when not to work magic), with practical exercises to help make your spells and magic really effective:

Techniques of meditation, energy raising, and visualization

How to work on the Astral plane

Pathworking and developing your sixth sense

Deflecting negative energies and balancing the elements

Designing your own spells and finding your Totem animal

If guidance and development is what you seek, here is a feast of magical ways for you to celebrate the craft and take your magic to the next level.

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