Twelfth House: The Hidden Power in the Horoscope


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The mysterious and misunderstood 12th house is the subject of this book. Called “the house of self-undoing” by the old astrologers, this house has signified sorrow, misfortune, illness, imprisonment and secret enmity. It does, however, mean much more than that.

Karen Hamaker-Zondag considers this house from the perspective of a Jungian psychologist, and shows the creative potential that can be tapped here if we choose to cooperate with it. The 12th house symbolizes the collective unconscious and non-rational ways of perception – such as working with dreams.

The effect of planets in the 12th house and how to work with them, the way in which the house reveals parental/ancestral inheritance, the working of fate and unconscious processes are all discussed in detail. The book offers a clear and intriguing interpretation of this difficult to understand house and will be of value to students at all levels, particularly those who want to combine psychological theory with astrological symbolism.

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