Friends on a Rotten Day: The Astrology of Friendships



It’s about time for Friends on a Rotten Day, the first astrology book to focus entirely on friendships. After all, lovers come and go, but our girlfriends sustain, nurture, and protect us from cradle to grave. Friends on a Rotten Day explores the supportive, uproarious, and sometimes complex, relationships between girlfriends through an indepth astrological analysis of each Sun sign. DixonCooper shows readers what makes their friend tick on a soul level, revealing each friend’s inner character, friendship style, love style (including what to do or not do if a pal picks a loser), and party style. She offers suggestions on the best gifts to buy your friend, how to calm her down, cheer her up, and return the unconditional support and love that she gives you. Readers will discover why their Gemini buddy changes her mind so often, why the Virgo gal pal sweats the small stuff, why a Scorpio girlfriend sometimes seems distant, and why the Leo chum needs frequent headpats. They’ll also learn why a Pisces pal should never be forced to make a snap decision, why a Capricorn girlfriend might seem too serious for her own good, the truth about a Taurus friend’s hidden anxieties, the competitive side of an Aries chum, what causes Cancer pal’s emotional train wrecks, why the Aquarius buddy has a rebellious side, and why the Sagittarius girlfriend has occasional angry outbursts. “Dixon-Cooper reveals what every astrologer knows but none has dared say. (She) takes us on a seriously humorous ride through the land of truth and consequences. I highly recommend it.” (Suzanne White)

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Dixon-Cooper (Love on a Rotten Day ), Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bedside Astrologer and host of her own show on Sirius Cosmo Radio, returns with a highly readable, sometimes laugh-aloud look at how sun signs influence a woman’s behavior within her friendships. Snappy and snarky asides combine with empathetic insights as the author lays out the best and worst of each sign-all in the interest of helping a girl figure out why her BFF acts the way she does. Each sun sign gets its own chapter, and sections include “Soul Design” (your friend’s basic character), “Groove Meter” (how she parties), “Speed Bumps” (how she derails herself), “Romance Rating” (what happens when she falls in love), and-this reviewer’s favorite-“Bitch Factor,” which speaks for itself. Sidebars acknowledge the influence of the Moon and Venus in relationships and proffer advice pertaining to the occasional guy pal. Wide reader appeal highly recommends this for all public libraries.-Janet Tapper, Western States Chiropractic Coll. Lib., Portland, OR Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information. – Library Journal

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