Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire


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Since the dawn of civilization the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture, expressed in folklore, literature, and art. Today, this fascination resonates in popculture, through hit television shows and movies and bestselling books. But what does it mean to be a vampire, a living and modern vampire? What many do not realize is that the Living Vampire is on a serious, lifelong spiritual path.

Best known as Strigoi Vii, the Living Vampire is one who has embarked on a serious and lifelong spiritual path. Not just “kids in capes,” the members of this magickal community seek to live in glamour and ritual every day. The Vampyre Sanguinomicon provides a profound perspective on the Vampyre culture, traditions, movement and philosophies, which are intended to challenge and inspire your views. Chapters include Vampyre Ritual, Vampyre Sensuality, Beginning Vampyrism, and The Vampyre Wedding.

Editorial Reviews

“The Sanguinomicon provides a unique and valid look at one of the oldest Vampyre traditions in the modern living vampire subculture. Full of rich descriptions and details of the past, it delves deep into the many aspects long whispered about in the shadows. Highly recommended.” Corvis Nocturnum, author of Allure of the Vampire – Reviews

Father Sebastiaan here offers practical advice on how to adopt the vampyre (spelled to distinguish it from the more familiar creatures famous in movies and television) lifestyle. Vampyres feed on human energy, not blood. The book presents harmless advice on how to become a vampyre–rites, rituals, and codes of behavior, among other topics. There is even a strong emphasis on politeness and almost courtly behavior. Although this volume is rich in information, the writing style tends toward denseness and repetition. VERDICT Teens and Goths may find this an interesting but slow read, and New Age practitioners may also be intrigued. Some patrons will recognize Father Sebastiaan’s name from his television appearances. A novel choice only for large public libraries looking to expand their paranormal collections.–Susan Flaherty, Portland P.L., ME – Library Journal

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