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Ansell, Robert; Harrington, Christina Oakley (Editors)

Fulgar Limited, London. Published 22 September 2013. Sewn Paperback. Limited Edition. 4to (290mm x 232mm). 192 large format pages of essays, poetry, interviews and art. Printed using state-of-the-art offset lithography, richly illustrated and employing a variety of papers.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Agostino Arrivabene


– Editorial (Robert Ansell)
– Dancing under the Stars: Ficino’s Way of Harmony (Ruth Clydesdale)
– Tabula Impressa (Francesca Ricci)
– Häxan II (Savanna Snow)
– Aleister Crowley, Marie de Miramar & the True Wanga (Christopher Josiffe)
– After the Flood (Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Robert Yates)
– Interview with Christine Ödlund (Sarah Victoria Turner)
– Demons in the Coliseum (Benvenuto Cellini)
– From the Mystery of Passage (Gerd Lindner)
– That Sense of Becoming (Agostino Arrivabene interviewed by Robert Ansell)
– Basement Vodou (Shannon Taggart, with an introduction by Pam Grossman)
– Dawn (Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Robert Yates)
– Untitled (Susu Laroche)
– An Introduction to the Alchemical Mercurius (Paul Cowlan)
– Fragmentum (Austin Osman Spare)
– The Mystery of the Rose Cross (Anne Crossey)
– Observation of Ancestral Mysteries (Ron Regé, Jr.)
– Nowhere Less Now (Ole Hagen & Lindsay Seers)
– The Mystic Fool: From Tarot to an Ideal of Ascendance (Valentin Wolfstein)
– The Library Angel and Her Oracle (Justin Patrick Moore)

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