Another Sad & Bizzare Chapter in Human History


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Ego & The Ids

CD Baby, 2010. Music CD. Brand New.


1. Merlin Conjures the Dragon
2. Do You Dream in Color
3. Round Tables
4. Guinevere
5. Stumble, Trip and Fall
6. The Death of Arthur
7. Lady of the Lake
8. Picture It

The album features the handy work of Gerald del Campo and Delonde Bell, who have been collaborating musically since 2002 when they played together in Portland’s goth band Once in The Sun. Another Sad and Bizzare Chapter in Human History is based on the Arthurian legend and includes eight songs such as Merlin Conjures the Dragon, Round Tables, Guinevere, Lady of The Lake, The Death of Arthur and more. Another Sad and Bizzare Chapter in Human History contains all of the moodiness, rhythmic undercurrent and droning qualities as Almost Masons, but also features the strangely melodious vocals of Gerald del Campo and includes some of his edgier compositions and guitar work reminiscent of Neil Young.

Ego and The Ids is a musical project more than a band. It is a collaboration of musicians who wish to create something beautiful and huge with sound while exploiting music’s ability to make people feel something they can relate to. It is about evoking mental images of life, death and everything in between, always taking the time to show the grandeur of the human experience.

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