The Equinox: Vol. III, No. 10: The Review of Scientific Illuminism


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Aleister Crowley; Hymenaeus Beta X°; Various

Samuel Weiser, Maine, USA, 1990. Copyright Ordo Templi Orientis. First paperback edition. 288 pages. Edited by Hymenaeus Beta X°. Pencil price on initial leaf, slight corner crease, moderate shelf-ware. Very Good.



HYMENAEUS BETA X°Introduction – Culture vs. Cult{9}
ALEISTER CROWLEYThe Master Therion – A Biographical Note{13}
THE MASTER THERIONBook 1 – The Book of the Magus{19}
Book 2 – The Message of the Master Therion{23}
Book 220 – The Book of the Law{27}
Book 837 – The Law of Liberty{45}
Book 300 – Khabs Am Pekht{51}
Book 150 – De Lege Libellum{61}
Book 30 – The Book of the Balance{81}
AD VERITATEM IX°An Introduction to the History of the O.T.O.{87}
HON. CHARLES A. LEGGEGrady McMurtry et. al. vs. SOTO, Findings of Fact{101}
FRANZ HARTMANN IX°Mysteria Mystica Maxima – First Instruction{113}
HALAYL III°Hymenaeus Alpha: In Memoriam{118}
BAPHOMET XI°Book 106 – Concerning Death{119}
Book 15 – The O.T.O. Gnostic Mass{123}
Book 633 – On Thaumaturgy{141}
ALEISTER CROWLEYBook 77 – OZ: The Rights of Mankind{144}
J. B. MASONBook 161 – Concerning the Law of Thelema{145}
L. BATHURST IX°Book 52 – Manifesto of the O.T.O.{153}
BAPHOMET XI°Book 101 – An Open Letter to Those Who May Wish to Join the Order{161}
Book 194 – An Intimation With Reference to the Constitution of the Order{173}
N.Y.C. STUDY GROUPThe Three Triads of the O.T.O.{179}
MERLIN X°Constitution of the Antient Order of Oriental Templars{183}
BAPHOMET XI°The Grades of the O.T.O.{192}
The O.T.O. Man of Earth Degrees and the Hindu Chakras{193}
RAMAKA X°An O.T.O. Prospectus{195}
BAPHOMET XI°System of the O.T.O.{199}
What is Freemasonry?{201}
Preface to the Revised Rituals{209}
A Memorandum on O.T.O. Policy{211}
Regulations for Profess Houses of the College of the Holy Ghost{213}
PARZIVAL X°Horus, Isis and the Osiris in the QBL{215}
ALEISTER CROWLEYConcerning “Blasphemy”{219}
The Stone of Cybele from Golden Twigs{225}
ROBERT A. HALLERKenneth Anger{239}
Appendix A – Crowley´s Hymn To Lucifer{252}
Appendix B – Rabbit´s Moon{253}
Appendix C – Filmography{257}
CHARLES STEINfrom theforestforthetrees{261}
ROBERT KELLYThe Garden Unsealed{265}
GERRIT LANSINGAn Equinoctiall{276}
HARVEY BIALYumbilicals{277}
IRA COHENSilver Shoetrees in Hermes´ Cloaset{285}
ABDAL WAHABAL BAYATIThe Agony of Al Hallaj{287}

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