Original Teachings of the Golden Dawn: Volume One


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S. L. MacGregor-Mathers (Author),‎ Joseph William Marek (Editor),‎ W. Wynn Westcott (Contributor)

Createspace, USA, 2017. Paperback. 392 pages. Brand new print on demand. Ships from USA.

The Golden Dawn flourished in Great Britain and France beginning in 1887. Its structure and rites appear to have come from the German order, Orden des Gold-und Rosenkreuz. In the Golden Dawn one studied Qabalah, astrology, tarot divination, geomancy, scrying, astral travel, alchemy, Ancient Egyptian religion, Theurgy, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Enochian magic, Christian mysticism, etc. It flourished until the London Adepts rebelled against their leader. This act of betrayal destroyed the Order, fragments of which carried on under other names. It is the opinion of the current editor that this rebellion destroyed the Golden Dawn for all time. Although other orders practiced its system, they were not the Golden Dawn, and more modern attempts to revive the Golden Dawn are simply not that Order; too much time has passed. This edition features illustrations of all officers’ robes, brand new temple diagrams, and illustrations of all temple implements.

Joseph William Marek’s adoptive parents raised him as a Roman Catholic and during his teenage years he wanted Jesus to deliver him from his teenage angst. Obviously He didn’t. So by his college years he was a complete cynic; he didn’t believe in anything. This is when he met his first-and-only earthly/material magical teacher. He drifted away from the practice. During his first marriage he must have had some kind of spiritual yearning for he listened to Mormon tapes, studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses, listened to theology programs on the radio, and eventually became the superintendent of a United Methodist Sunday School. All this ended with his first divorce! As far as he can recall the date, sometime during the autumn of 1988 he read The Book of the Law for the very first time. When he came to the line “Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods” he had his first major spiritual experience. He heard heavenly trumpets blowing and angelic choirs singing. It was an awe-inspiring experience. He has been a Thelemite ever since. He has never looked back!

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