Phyllis Seckler: Collected Poems 1946-1996


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Phyllis Seckler, David Shoemaker (Editor),‎ Lauren Gardner (Editor)

Temple of the Silver Star, 2017. Paperback. 136 pages. Brand new print on demand. Ships from USA.

Phyllis Seckler (aka Soror Meral, 1917-2004) was one of the most important 20th century teachers of Thelema—the philosophy and system of spiritual attainment developed by Aleister Crowley. While Seckler left behind many seminal writings on Thelema, astrology, Qabalah, Tarot, ceremonial magick, and mysticism, her poetry provides one of the most personal and intimate views into her spiritual mindset. The poems collected here span fifty years of her working life as a poet and teacher, primarily focusing on the overtly mystical themes of her spiritual path. Yet they occasionally touch on more secular topics as well, such as her marriage to Grady McMurtry and her yearning for human love. The poetic works presented here are an essential part of the library of any modern mystic—especially those with an interest in the work of Aleister Crowley and his followers.

Phyllis Seckler (1917-2004) was introduced to the teachings of Aleister Crowley in the late 1930s and became a regular participant in the activities of Agape Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis in California, and rose to become a Ninth Degree member of the “Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis.” She was admitted to the A.’. A.’. under the tutelage of Jane Wolfe, eventually taking the now well-known magical name Soror Meral and was later confirmed as an Adeptus Minor by Crowley’s successor, Karl Germer. Seckler was a key figure in the reinauguration of the O.T.O. in 1969, and a few years later she founded the College of Thelema, with the intention that it would provide important background training and education for aspirants to the A.’. A.’. Seckler played a crucial role in the history of Thelema, not only through her efforts to explore and revive Crowley’s creed, but also by training a new generation of its students. Her legacy continues under the auspices of the Temple of the Silver Star, the magical organization she chartered shortly before her death, which serves as the repository of her literary estate, library and archives.


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