Touchwood Volume 8 Number 32 (Winter Solstice 1996)


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Jeremy Crawford; Lucy Crawford

Touchwood, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, UK, 1996. Published by the Touchwood Clan. Softcover magazine. Exchange Copy. 20 pages. Very Good.

“Touchwood is the result of a Celtic, magical ancestry brought to those people who are crucially interested in the Esoteric, Magical Paths. Forthright in its opinions, and in its dissemination of knowledge, Touchwood is a positive arbiter of the arcane world of the Elder Wisdom”

“The Touchwood Clan, are a Traditional group of people who practice a religion based upon that of our ancient Pagan ancestors. Paganism is the oldest of all the Earth’s religions and the rootstock from which all other belief systems have evolved”

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