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Evangeline Adams (Aleister Crowley)

Dodd, Mead, New York, 1930. Hardcover. First Edition. Includes charts & diagrams. b&w illustrations of the planetary gods. astrology. religion. philosophy. psychology. theosophy. divination. horoscope delineation. signs of the zodiac etc. Some shelf-wear/bumping, but overall Very Good in rubbed but Very Good dust-jacket.

Evangeline Adams has long been considered the world’s outstanding astrologer. Her books on the subject are the basic ones used by the student and the expert. This volume includes an exhaustive description of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the twelve houses of the heavens, and the nine planets. It also contains a table which will make it possible to determine the exact position of the Ascendant for every hour in the day, thus enabling the reader to find his correct ruling planet. While the book includes authentic astrological information and guidance, it is not so technical that the layman cannot make practical use of it. Furthermore, the reader need not be a student of astrology or familiar with its scientific technique to work out the major points of his destiny. Also of enormous value to those interested in astrology is the inclusion of the author’s findings, resulting from research work and a lifetime of practical experience in the practice of the science. This book is widely believed to have been co-written with or written by Aleister Crowley. There was a lawsuit about it. (“.in or about 1916 Mr. Crowley wrote a work or works which was or were commissioned by Evangeline Adams and first published simultaneously in London by Harrap and in New York by Dodd Mead Inc in 1928 as “Astrology, Your Place in the Sun” and “Astrology, Your Place Among the Stars” which was first published simultaneously in London by Putnam’s and in New York by Dodd Mead Inc in 1930.” )

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