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Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones)

Samuel Weiser Inc, New York, 1969. Hardcover. 123 pages. Limited Edition, limited to 750 copies. Used with some shelf-wear. Dust-jacket mostly intact though with some chips and small tears. Previous owners name, date and tiny pen mark on initial blank along with small bookseller label. Pencil bookseller note on rear blank. Despite it’s age the colours of the dust-jacket are still vibrant and beautiful. A desirable edition, Very Good.

Frater Achad a.k.a. Charles Stansfeld Jones goes into the meaning of the tarot cards very thoroughly in this gem of a book. If you are a student in the correspondences between the tarot trumps and the “paths” on the Tree of Life (Cabbala), this is an essential and educational reading. The author’s ideas start in the material world and lead in the direction of Kether, rather than the other way around. The Author’s attitude is very humble in making suggestions only, and he goes out of his way to praise some of those in the world of established commercial magick who disagreed with his ideas.

Charles Stansfeld Jones (1886-1950), aka Frater Achad, was an occultist and ceremonial magician. An early aspirant to A?A? (the 20th to be admitted as a Probationer, in December 1909) who “claimed” the grade of Magister Templi as a Neophyte. He also became an O.T.O. initiate, serving as the principal organizer for that order in British Columbia. He worked under a variety of mottos and mantonyms, including V.I.O. (Unus in Omnibus, “One in All,” as an A?A? Probationer), O.I.V.V.I.O., V.I.O.O.I.V., Parzival (as an Adeptus Minor and O.T.O. Ninth Degree), and Tantalus Leucocephalus (as Tenth Degree O.T.O.), but he is best known under his Neophyte motto Achad (Hebrew “unity”, ???), which he used as a byline in his various published writings.

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