ATUA : Voices from La Société Voudon Gnostique


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David Beth

Fulgur Limited, London, 2011. Hardcover. First Edition. Standard Edition. Limited to 808 copies only, bound in ‘Voudonique’ black cloth, custom printed endpapers, dust-jacket. 225mm x 225mm, 200 pages, 25 color plates, numerous illustrations, free audio CD supplement. A stunning collection of writings, rituals and artwork from a genuine magical working group. Brand New/Fine.

“Edited by David Beth, ATUA is the public vehicle through which the members of the S.V.G. make selected manifestations of their magico-gnostic research and experience available to an informed audience. This first volume of the anthology features essays, artwork, and prose and aims to provide insight and inspiration to practitioners on a similar spiritual path. ATUA is a direct result of an intense symbiotic exchange of shamanic sorcerers with the powerful Gods of Esoteric Voudon. Unique in its content and composition, it may serve as a direct link to the inner worlds of Les Mystères.

Contributors include: David Beth, Craig Williams, Vadge Moore, Hagen von Tulien, Dolorosa, Jónas Sen, Jessica Grote, Roberto Migliussi, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Shannon Esmeralda, Peter Dyde, Ariock Van de Voorde, M.W. Burson, Marc Aurelio Pozzi, Alan Kostrencic. This book is accompanied by a free audio CD supplement which contains material from David Beth, Jónas Sen, Chthonic Force, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule and Lightning Path.”

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