Liber L. vel Bogus – The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley


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Richard T. Cole

New Aeon, 2015. Paperback. Second, Corrected Edition. 248 pages. Brand New.

“Love it or Loathe it If you have even one toe-tip dipped in planet-Crowley You MUST READ this book. The issues aired in this publication are of immense significance to all with an interest in Edward Alexander Crowley, be this Magickal, mundane or monetary. If correct, they fall into the category of proper ‘shit hits the fan’ stuff! To my mind, it appears almost certain that there was no ‘cross-examination’ of Rose, no Boulak visit, no reception, no Aiwass, no Book of the Law, no lost manuscript and no Thelema. All were fantasies conjured from the mind of an obsessive psychopath, in furtherance of his grand delusion of ‘I, Crowley, the Chosen One.'”

The Wickedest Book in the World: long-awaited, much-anticipated, hugely controversial, endlessly debated and hyperbolically hyped work!

Nine Inches of Unimaginable Joy on Earth – A Review by Erica Peterson
“Liber L vel Bogus: The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley by Richard T. Cole is a must-read for any Thelemite. I say this despite the fact that I take issue with much within its pages. Cole presents a body of evidence for a basic claim: that Crowley’s story of how he received The Book of the Law is fake. Some of this evidence has long been known and ignored. Indeed any one piece of this evidence can be and in many cases has been explained away. But Cole looks at all of the evidence together and asks difficult questions about it.”

A review by Thelemic legend Jerry Cornelius
“Let me tell you about Liber L. vel Bogus, The Real Confession of Aleister Crowley (2014) by Richard T. Cole. You are either going to loathe this book and want to burn the author for his blasphemous thoughts about our prophet or you’ll thoroughly, if not gleefully, enjoy it. Then again, there is always the third possibility. You will absolutely adore the book but you still want the author toasted for the mere Hell of it. As for me, I’d rather sit down with Richard, lift my glass of beer in a toasting-like fashion and ask him, So, what’s next?”

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