Magic: An Occult Primer (Limited Edition)


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David Conway

Aeon Books, 2016. Hardcover. 376 pages. Limited edition, limited to 200 individually numbered copies. Clothbound with gilt titles and sigil, ribbon page marker. Originally published in 1972 when the author was in his twenties, now revised and re-written in the light of continued experience.  A celebratory limited hardcover edition of this classic primer. As New/Fine.

The aim of this book is to show that magic actually works. Precise instructions are given and the reader can try a little magic for himself. But the rituals mentioned here are not to be taken lightly. Spells do work, which can be unnerving. Magic really does hold the key to many mysteries and that key is now within your grasp.

David Conway initiates the reader into the potent secrets of magic, demonstrating how the techniques of magical practice can be learned by anyone. The book is a veritable treasure chest containing a wealth of information in the theory and practice of the art of magic.

Among the subjects explored in this teach-yourself primer are: Magical Theory; Magical Practice; The Master Rituals; Astral Projection; Talismans; Curses; Prophecies; Demons; Instructions on Candle-Making and Incense-Burning; Oils, Salves, Tonics and Cosmetics; Magical Alphabets; and The Occult Who’s Who.


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