Contemporary Reproduction Prints – Aleister Crowley’s Berlin Art Exhibition at the Neumann-Nierendorf Gallery, 1931


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Set of three prints of contemporary reproductions of Aleister Crowley’s surviving works exhibited at his Berlin Art Exhibition at the Neumann-Nierendorf Gallery in 1931. Crowley titled them:

  • The Religion of New York
  • The Triumph of Mohammed
  • The Cat Goddess (This depicts an alternative version of the entity named LAM)

Each of the sepia-toned prints measures 10” x 8” (or 254mm x 203mm) and loosely inserted into the aperture of a 12” x 10” (or 305mm x 203mm) professional fold-out mount. All three prints are in pristine condition. The collector we bought these from believes they are not likely to have been published or reproduced before and are a one-off set, not part of a mass produced or limited edition issue.

The mounts are in very good condition with only minor traces of scuffing and a slight yellowing of the card. This is mainly noticeable around the edges. Each mount has two circular holes through it in the middle of the left-hand edge (because they were stored a ring-binder for years). The ring-punch holes only affect the mounts and not the prints, which are in pristine condition. Bottom right of each mount front is a silver decorative motif. Top right of each mount front is a very small (approx 5mm square) label, hand-numbered 47, 49 and 51. The prints themselves are in pristine condition and deserve to be displayed properly.

Sure to find a home with a serious collector!

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