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Chic Cicero; Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Llewellyn Publications, USA, 2010. Box dimensions  23.3 x 16 x 5.8 cm . A complete Tarot set, includes a 256-page book and two versions of the Temperance card, as required in Golden Dawn rituals. Considered by many to be the best Tarot available for students of the Golden Dawn and the Western magical tradition. Brand New.

Enrich your life, attain higher consciousness, and realize your true potential through Golden Dawn Magical Tarot – now back in print after ten years. Upon the request of Israel Regardie, this powerful and authentic tarot – rooted in the wisdom and tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – was created by senior adepts Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. The comprehensive guidebook explains how to use this visually stunning deck – designed with Qabalistic, zodiacal, and alchemical symbols and Golden Dawn colours – for practical rituals, meditation, and divination. Beginners are introduced to tarot history and practice, the principles of Qabalah, significance of each card, and many magical techniques. Also included are rituals for advanced magicians.

Photograph included in the gallery showing the size of the different decks in relation to one another.

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