She of the Silver Star



Soror Syrinx

Createspace, USA, 2015. Paperback. First Edition. 110 pages. Brand New.

She of the Silver Star traverses the legacy of Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune using the symbolism of Atu II, the High Priestess, exploring their connection to the lunar mysteries from Crowley’s visiting the Temple of Diana in Cefalu to Moonchild, and Fortune’s works, including The Sea Priestess, a copy of which she gave to Crowley. Ultimately, these two laid the groundwork for modern paganism through the moon, called the path of Qoph or “contrary path,” all the way to the undertaking of the Great Work through the path of Gimel, to the High Priestess who awaits the candidates seeking to part the veil. Kenneth Grant’s letter revealed that Dion Fortune was excited about working with Crowley to “establish more pagan attitudes.” It was at the end of her life, so not much may have come about on the surface, but their works have had far reaching effects upon the return of the Goddess in the New Aeon. This book is just a side note on their work, on the symbolism left behind. It also includes a personal account of the author on what this means to her, as well as a workbook for those traversing the ways of the Priestess of the Silver Star.

Soror Syrinx is co-founder of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X. with her husband, Paul Joseph Rovelli, and author of several books including She of the Silver Star, Daughter of the Mighty Ones, and Vault of Babalon.

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