Eliphas Levi, John Michael Greer, Mark Anthony Mikituk (Translator)

TarcherPerigee, USA, 2017. Paperback. Illustrated edition. 544 pages. A comprehensive and elegant translation of the 1854 French masterwork of occult philosophy. Brand New.

The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic reignited the esoteric spiritual search in the West and led to the emergence of Madame Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall, and the New Age revolution.
Levi’s study of magic is an absolute must for every seeker in occult, esoteric, and druidic realms; but this need has been frustrated by dated and inaccurate translations–until now. Greer, a respected occult scholar, and Mikituk, a masterful translator, collaborate to restore this landmark work–complete with its original illustrations and symbols–to the center of the alternative spiritual canon.

Filling a huge gap in our spiritual culture, here – at last – is a comprehensive and elegant translation of the 1854 French masterwork of occult philosophy

“Greer and Mikituk have succeeded in reestablishing Lévi’s grand transcultural synthesis in a form more relevant to and understandable for the modern occultist.”
Fortean Times

“Lévi’s contribution was a powerful one, and his ideas deserve to be grasped by those who are exploring the Ancient Wisdom as it has manifested in the modern west. To this end, this new translation is admirably suited.–Richard Smoley, Quest magazine

JOHN MICHAEL GREER is a widely respected author, translator, and blogger in the occult field. He is most recently the editor of the new, substantially revised seventh edition of Israel Regardie’s occult landmark The Golden Dawn (Llewellyn 2016). MARK MIKITUK, currently a resident of France, has extensive experience as a translator and has also taught English to Francophone students. This is his first book project.

Eliphas Levi (1810-1875), born Alphonse Louis Constant, was a sage, poet and author of over twenty esoteric books. He began writing at 22 years of age and was imprisoned twice for the critical nature of his work. He married at age 36 and began writing under the name of Eliphas Levi eight years later. His first publication under his new pen name was titled Dogma of High Magic, and was first translated into English 42 years after its initial publication. His main activities in public involved the spreading of information, by publishing various magazines, poems, books and so on. In one of his posthumous works, he writes, “Ignorance is the cause of all mistakes, of all crimes and of all the evils tormenting humanity.” His literary work was dedicated to doing justice by spreading truth, for he loved humanity and always cherished the hope of a better world for future generations.

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