The Book of Paramazda (Limited Edition)


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Hadean Press, London, 2011. Paperback. 51 pages. Previously released as a limited hardcover edition, The Book of Paramazda then resurfaced as a limited paperback. The text was unchanged, and the covers have been hand-stamped in silver foil. This title is now out of print in both editions. Scarce. As New/Fine.

“The Book of Paramazda is a book which in the last millennium might have been described as a ‘Liber’ in ‘Class A & B’. Rumours of the existence of this cryptic and beautiful text have long been current in exalted circles; it is now emerging into the light of day.

The Book of Paramazda is at once a received book, an enciphered magical system and an apocalyptic vision of the Aeons. It is also a powerful reforming prophecy concerning Magicians, Thelemites and Radical Traditionalists alike.”

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